Monday, March 1, 2010


Hey there

I'm off to meetings in England, but I'm scheduling blog posts for while I'm gone. This is really just a filler post because the real fun starts on the 2nd.

This card is a reject from a previous pub call. I really like the colors of it, and the embossing folder is one of my favorites!

I have to share some photos of some of our critters. They really do some of the cutest things. Take a look at Patty (cat) and Bonnie (dog). Patty absolutely adores Bonnie, as you can see from this photo. Patty will meow with excitement when Bonnie comes in the room and curl up next to her and just purr (she was purring at top volume in this photo).

This next photo is of my adorable, manipulative, beloved Frodo. He was Carlin's cat before we got married, and we have joked that I married him for Frodo. (It's not true, but Frodo is a perk as he is the SWEETEST cat ever). And he knows how to work it... take a look at this pose (please ignore the messy bed, he crawled in after I got up and was getting ready for work)

Have a wonderful day, and please please come back tomorrow... Very exciting stuff
Big Hugs!


Laural-Lee said...

My Son thinks Frodo is really cute. My hubby loves the name. Although the Next time we get a dog apparently we are naming him Sam ;) Anyhow, your card is lovely. I love that splash of pink done with the flower and beads.

Happy travels! Bon Voyage!

Winter said...

Great card! Have a fun trip and I have idea about your news tomorrow! I guess I will find out tomorrow! :)

Brandi said...

Oh my goodness! England? What kind of job do you have where your meetings are out of the country? Sooo Cool! Have fun!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Gorgeous card... can't believe it was a reject! Love the pics of the animals too... your cats look like my (very much missed) Toby and our still with us cat, Tucker!!