Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hi Friends,

I hope you are all surviving the winter. I don't know where you are all located, but here in Indianapolis, we have had a blast of very cold air come through and appears to be settling in at least for the next few days.

Of course, the night before last, our furnace decided to die. We knew it would happen but had hoped it would make it through another winter, but it was not to be. So yesterday, I stayed home from work to take care of it. Let me tell you, our house was COLD. Sleeping Tuesday night wasn't bad, we were in bed, fully covered. But during the day, it was COLD. I had planned to work from home, but I couldn't type because my fingers were so cold. I kept making so many typos. Thankfully, by 4:30 yesterday, we had a new energy efficient furnace installed. By 7:00 or so the temperature was back to normal.

I have to tell you that the whole day made me really appreciate how blessed I am. I thought of the people who do not have homes and are far colder than I was for far longer periods of time. Once again, I am continued to be amazed at how the Lord has blessed me.

Needless to say, I didn't do any crafting, I was bundled up and trying to stay warm. However, I think I've mentioned that I've had 2 upcoming baby showers. I thought I'd share the invitations I made for those two showers.

This first one is for my best friend's daughter-in-law's shower. (Let me tell you that you would never believe my friend, Kris, was going to be a grandma, but that's another story). This card is super simple because I had to make 30 of them. She wanteed a lion theme because her grandson is going to be named Leo.

The second card is for a friend of mine who is going to have TWINS!!! In hindsight, I guess maybe I should've made it with two of something, but I just loved this little hobby horse. I only had to make 15 of these, so I added a little more to the card (scalloped backing and ribbon), but it's still super simple. Both this stamp and the lion came from the same Hero Arts set which has lots more cute images in it!

Thanks for stopping in today. I hope you have a very blessed day and stay warm!


Jocelyn said...

Your invites are super cute! Yikes about your furnace...definitely too cold to go without one. Ours went out in Feb a couple years ago when the temp outside was 10*...lots of blankets and space heaters helped get us through until we got a new one. Stay warm...IN weather is cold right now!!!

Brandi said...


Just shivering hearing your story! Bummer! We have snow today and it is around 20. I am freezing my toes off! This little tiger card is so cute!


Ann said...

Such cutie pie cards! I love them both! Glad to hear you are all warm and toasty again! :D

Kelley Eubanks said...

These are both adorable!! I love the lion/leo thing... cute cute! So sorry your furnace broke! I am glad that you are all warm now! No wonder you have a cold!