Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm back


After a wonderful weekend celebrating our anniversary, we've come back to reality. Vacations and weekends are never long enough, but we know we are so fortunate to have had the time to go and relax. Our marriage is such a blessing, and it was great to get away and focus on us without the day-to-day life things that go on.

One of the exciting things that I came back to was that
I had gotten my first blog award! I couldn't believe it. I am thrilled. Thank you Rose! You should check out her blog, she has some beautiful creations that she shares.

This award is given to a blogger who shows great attitude and gratitude. After receiving this award, this is what I'm supposed to do:

  • Comment on this blog
  • Cut and paste the logo and put on your own blog
  • Pass it along to 5-10 other bloggers and link them to this post
  • Comment on their blogs to let them know that they received something from you
  • Link back to the person who gave the award to show appreciation
So I was thinking about who to give this to, and I'm going to share it with some bloggers I've recently discovered since I started blogging. These are people who have given me supportive comments that I've really appreciated. Without further ado....
I really appreciate each of you visiting my little blog and making the time to leave a comment. I am always excited when I see that I have comments. Each of you have been a blessing to me, so thank you!

That's all for now, but I hope to post later with a card. I've been a little tired since we got home from our mini vacation, and my creative juices weren't flowing. However, I think tonight I will make some time in the old craft room.

Have a great day!



LeAnne said...

Well, thanks so much Lynnette! How special and what a cute little image that is! I will post it soon! Happy Anniversary, too, if I didn't already guys make me tear up, just lookin' at you both! Hope you had a wonderful time! Enjoy every day--they go by VERY quickly!

Courtney Baker said...

Thanks Lynnette! I know I certainly appreciate your comments on my blog as well. I really do appreciate it!

Rose said...

So glad you and hubby had a wonderfull time!! Looking forward to seeing what you create to share with us next :-)

Winter said...

Hey Lynnette! Thank you so much for the award, it was so sweet of you, and thank you also for supporting me on my blog! Have a blessed day!

~kelly marie~ said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for this award! It is my first award, too! I am so honored. :) I appreciate your comments so much too!
Thank you so much again. You made my week! You are so sweet! :)

Stampin' With Jessi and Rachel said...

Thank you Lynnette! We are so glad that we stumbled across your blog and appreciate all the sweet comments! You have made our day! Blessings to you...