Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mojo still MIA

Hi Friends,

Well, as you may have guessed my mojo hasn’t returned. (Karen I even checked under the bed as you suggested but not there.)

Personally, I miss it when I visit blogs and don’t see any new stuff. So I’ve put additional pressure on myself to come up with something to share.  And truthfully, I’ve not liked anything I’ve created, so much so, that I would be embarrassed to post it.  Since I’ve been in this dilemma of wanting to share something, but not coming up with anything, I had an epiphany!  I am going to share two cards that were published in the February 2010 CARDS magazine.


This card was for the “brads” category, and it actually was on a section break, two page spread (which was very exciting for me!)

DSC_0100  This card was for the “scallops” category.

I was so excited to have cards accepted for publication, and that excitement doesn’t go away.  I really encourage you to try it if you are interested.  Just realize that if you are sensitive (and I am), you run the risk of getting hurt feelings if you submit and do not get accepted.  Remember this, it is not necessarily a reflection of your work, it just may be what they are looking for.  In fact, some of my all time favorite cards were passed over while other cards that I was ho-hum about (and nearly didn’t submit) have been picked.  I think it’s random.  Just submit your best work and see what happens. But do not take it personally (as much as you can).

Now, as a reminder…I have a blog candy give away going on.  See this post.  If you win, you will get to see these cards in the February Magazine.  If you’ve not signed up for a chance at the blog candy, I hope you will. 

Thanks for stopping by!




Jennifer said...

great cards!

Karen B. said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud, thanks for the advice, and thanks for the absolutely beautiful inspiration in your cards.

~amy~ said...

Sorry about your MIA mojo....hopefully it will show up soon:) Gorgeous them tons!

clu60 said...

I have often thought about submitting some of my cards. My problem is that I have trouble keeping track of what products I use. I really need to give it s shot. Thanks for encouraging all of us card creators :)

Laural-Lee said...

Congrats Lynnette! I love the colours and brads of the top card but my favourite of the two is the bottom. I love how you incorporated all the different prints and the layout and the colours are so calming. I just love it!!

Michelle said...

Love the yellow sunny card!! great inspiration:-)

Kathy (krolski) said...

Love both cards! Congrats!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Hey, guess I am in the same situation, I haven't been touching my paper and glue for the past 5 days, wonder what is going on.
I hope you found yours soon!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leave sweet comment.

Kathy Martin said...

Great cards! LOVE the brads on the first one! :)

Mariana Grigsby said...

Beautiful cards, Lynnete! And don't worry... your Mojo probably just took a break! It will comeback pretty soon, you'll see! :) Hugs

~kelly marie~ said...

Stunning cards and stunning photos, my sweet friend!