Monday, September 14, 2009

No Card tonight

Hi Friends,

No card tonight. They are all stored on my other computer, and I'm too tired to get set up on it. (Let me offer a point of clarity here, I'm on my work laptop now. I do not have two computers to myself -wink-).

I wanted to post a reminder about the holiday swap I'm trying to get going. So far, I've got 4 GREAT cardmakers participating, so if you join in, you are sure to be in store for some delightful cards. Please let me know if you are interested. I'd like to know by the end of the day tomorrow if you are interested so that I can work out the logistics with those participating.

I'm so excited about the upcoming swap!!! I hope you join in!

Thanks girls


Kelley Eubanks said...

Ohhhh... so tempting! I just can't decide... I want to but keep thinking... do I want to add one more thing? hmmm... how much time will we have to get them done? do you know yet? I am not real familiar with swaps... never done one so... do you make one for every person or 5? Sorry to ask so many questions!! I just can't decide and need to know more about swaps in general! :)

~kelly marie~ said...

Oooh! I can't wait! :)

Courtney Baker said...

I can't wait either. Oh and come on Kelley you know you want to! :)

Winter said...

I'm still in! :)