Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Set of Dreams

Hi Friends
It's no big secret that I've been neglecting my blog.  I'm trying to rectify that.

I had a job that was really stressful and required me to travel quite a bit. It was great experience, and I met a lot of fabulous people.  But the job just interfered so much with my personal life, and I needed to make a change.  I have been blessed to be able to find a new job that won't have much travel at all, and should be less stressful.  I've only been there a month but am optimistic about how the job will work with my life.

I hope to be more engaged in church and with my blog.  So I thought I'd try to re-ignite some of my blogging by posting some projects today.

I made a set of cards using the Lawn Fawn mini set, Dream

I have a friend whose birthday is this week, and she loves it when I give her homemade cards to have on hand to send when needed.  I thought this little set might be good to add to her birthday gifts!

Thanks for stopping by, hugs and blessings


sue k said...

Your cards are really cute, I love the way you matched the color of the feathers to the ribbon and twine. Love the feather stamp.


Monica Maier said...

This is such a cute set!

Elise C. said...

That is such a cute card set, Lynnette! I'm sure that your friend will really like them! And I hope that you new job will be less stressful for you! :)

Kelly said...

congrats on the new job. I just love these. the coloring is beautiful on the feathers!

Om yn said...

I love giving gifts that make gifts for other people. (I am sure there's a better way to say that). I love this stamp set :) The card set you have made is lovely, a perfect gift for a friend. Thank you for sharing this, I love card set ideas!

~amy~ said...

awesome news about your new job!
This is a fantastic set of them.