Friday, December 7, 2012

Basket making


Hi Friends
I hope you’ve had a great week and love the new Lawn Fawn stamp sets. Aren’t they so cute?
Today, I wanted to share how to make baskets using patterned paper. 
(I’ve made baskets for years using reed, and I thought this would be a cool thing to do with patterned paper).
Since I don’t do videos… I have step out instructions photographed to make the basket at the top of this post.
Step 1:
Cut paper strips. You will need an even number of strips.  I cut mine to be 3/4 inch by 12 inches. The side pictured here is what will be on the outside of the basket
Step 2:
Align an even number of strips vertically. For this basket, I am making a 5 strip by 5 strip basket, but you can do whatever dimensions, you just need to be sure you have an even number of total strips.
Step 3
Weave in the horizontal strips.  You will do an over under weave. Make sure that the second row starts differently than the first (if you started weaving over on the first horizontal row, the second row will need to start under the vertical strip, and continue alternating).  When you start your base, do not worry about making it need and tidy until you have all the horizontal strips weaved in.
Step 4
You will need to “square up” your base.  Notice that there are gaps between the strips, this is important. Weaving is much easier if you have the gaps. I try to keep mine evenly spaced.
Step 5
You now will want to fold up your strips. I use my bone folder to crease them and give a nice edge.
Here’s a photo after all have been creased
Step 6
You will now start weaving your basket through the base you’ve created.  You will do the same sort of weaving as you did to create the base (Over and under). EDTA, this is done with new strips of paper.  You will need to have cut several strips to weave through your base.. Each subsequent row should offset the previous row.  (Check yourself as you work to make sure you are maintaining the over-under pattern---it’s surprising how easy it is to get off the pattern)
DSC_0066Another view of starting the first row. Some tips: Use you glue to hold the strips in place… and the first row is always the most difficult. Each row thereafter gets easier, I promise
So here’s a photo of my basket after weaving all the rows. You will notice that there are pieces that are over the top row of the basket…DSC_0067 Step 7
Trip those ends!
and a photo of the basket with the ends trimmed…
Step 8
Make and attach your basket handle. 
For mine, I used a 1 inch by 10 inch strip of patterned paper. I doubled it so that each side would have the red with white snowflakes.  (I just glued two strips together). 
Step 9
Decorate your basket
Step 10
Fill your basket. (I used mine for gift packaging as you can see)
For the record, this is the only gift I have wrapped so far

Just for fun, here are some baskets I’ve made using the Lawn Fawn Fa-la-la papers

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. I know it’s not as much fun as a video. Maybe someday I’ll venture into videos. (Wink).
Let me know if you decide to make some paper baskets. I  would love to see them!!
Hugs and blessings


snappy scrappy said...

This is so cute...I remember making baskets like these at school as a kid...mind you, mine didn't look like it! Lee-Ann :)

Chari Moss said...

Wow those are awesome!

Kelly said...

those are DARLING. I love the double sided paper used too!

Karin Åkesdotter said...

These are wonderful Lynette, thanks for sharing. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday! Hugs, Karin

Barb Ghig said...

Your baskets are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for the step-by-step tutorial!!!

byAnnette said...

Thanks for showing step by step

Elise C. said...

Thanks for the tutorial! They look so cute!! :)

Crafty Aunt Dee said...

great tutorial and the baskets are adorable. Great job.

Crafty Aunt Dee said...

great tutorial and the baskets are adorable. Great job.

Tracey McNeely said...

Great photo tutorial, such cute baskets. Great holiday idea!

Carol Gibson said...

Wonderful tutorial. Thank you.

Pam said...

They are just adorable!! And cute for gifts too! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

conil said...

These are truly adorable. I can't wait to try them. Thanks for the how-to.

Maureen Hayes said...

What a lovely idea, thanks so much for sharing. I don't do videos either, it I do find them easier to follow. The equipment to make them is expensive and beyond my abilities to install and work. . . Lol!

Merry Christmas!

~ Jo ~ said...

This is such a lovely idea and the baskets are gorgeous!!! However, I feel dumb lol. You lost me at the point of "Now weave through your base". Can you email me privately and explain to me in better detail exactly how to form the basket once the base is completed? Thanks so much dear!!! Happy New Year to you!!