Thursday, June 17, 2010

Outta title ideas

Well, friends, I don’t have anything clever to say today, not that any of my titles are all that interesting. Today though I really didn’t have anything on my mind to title this post.  I’m not feeling all that great, so my energy and creativity isn’t at full strength.

I have to say thank you for the supportive comments on my CAS attempts. I really appreciate and am grateful for your kind words. I’ll keep at it :)  Thank you friends.

So, since my craftiness isn’t at full par today, I’m posting a card that I submitted for publication and wasn’t accepted.  (Since pub calls are months in advance, that’s why I was making Thanksgiving cards---incidentally very difficult to get psyched about Thanksgiving in June….) Even though this wasn’t picked up, I am happy because I got to color A LOT on this image.  And coloring is always fun!


Thanks for stopping in today!

Hugs and blessings



Brandi said...

What alot of coloring! Very pretty. Hope you get to feeling better girl!

Karen B. said...

Why, didn't you know that Thanksgiving and Christmas in June happen at my house all the time? (Just kidding of course!) Such a pretty, feel good card.

Sabrina said...

Just love the colors and the leaf paper! A very pretty card.